Playground Committee Update

Suntree Elementary was established in 1992, serving students in Kindergarten through sixth grades. The original campus construction provided for a swing set and climbing feature placed at the South end of campus. Another swing set and monkey bars were located on the East side of campus.
In 2001, a large multi-age playground was constructed at the South side of campus to meet student recreational needs. In 2004, PTO funded the purchase and installation of a smaller play system to serve primary grades on the East end of campus. At this time, refurbishment of the existing swing set and relocation of the monkey bars took place.
To date, the original playground located at the South end of campus, serving the majority of our current 647 student population, has not been refurbished or upgraded. The playground is in significant disrepair and students are unable to utilize the majority of the play structure. Unfortunately, decades of daily use, as well as sun and and salt-air exposure, has left Suntree Elementary in need of a new multi-age playground to meet student needs. As aforementioned, the current condition of our playground makes refurbishment of our present structure cost prohibitive.  Installation of replacement parts equal or exceed the cost of a new play system!
We are very pleased to announce that through various fundraising efforts, we have currently raised over $25,000 to begin work on this worthwhile project.  We are now able to proceed with the initial phase of a multi-year plan to replace our present playground.  Input by students, faculty and parents have been taken into consideration and participation in the Playground Committee is open to all interested individuals.  We look forward to creating a play space designed for our students, by our students.
Please look for additional updates at our PTO meetings or on our PTO website. Fundraising efforts will continue throughout the year to meet standard PTO objectives and increase Playground Funds.  We sincerely appreciate the generous support of our Suntree families and surrounding community!

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